Dee Wolff

Artist Statement

I work with painting, sculpture, and reliefs.

Wood is my favorite material. I love to shape it into sculptures and reliefs.

Reliefs become semi three-dimensional canvases, on which I paint,

to create unique multi-media pieces. Even my more traditional painting

is often on a wood ground.

Nature in all its forms feeds my creativity. I like to work symbolically with the

elusive power of animals. Like people, they are expressive, complex, and

multi-dimensional: they lend themselves to multi-media applications, and

help me express my more dreamlike visions,

My recent works are inspired by reflections on dreams as well as spiritual,

emotional, and physical journeys.

I am particularly inspired by the moments in life when things turn inside out:

when I no longer recognize whether I'm the hunter or the prey;

when black becomes white, and I see that I really don't see.

Lately I have enjoyed using paradoxes, contradictions, 

and juxtapositions in magic realistic landscapes. 

Examples of this include my painting Spirit Carrots

where giant carrots manifest in a dry stony desert, or

Hunter or Prey, where a hare/woman and a four-eyed coyote, 

has altered their traditional balance of power.

Such ironic narratives evoke a surprise and a giggle that seems to sharpen my vision.